Startup & Entrepreneur Program "STEP USA"

The 澳门小神仙 USA - New York introduced the Chamber's STEP USA program in November 2014 to support German startups in entering the US market. Since then, well over 500 companies have taken part in the program and have become part of our alumni network.

Our Startup & Entrepreneur program, STEP USA, brings together German startups and entrepreneurs from different industries several times a year and gives them the opportunity to participate in a 4-day strategy boot camp in New York City and explore the technology and startup ecosystem that comprises the northeast USA. Participants learn from industry experts, mentors, VCs, angel investors and savvy entrepreneurs how to succeed in the competitive American market. Be prepared for inspiration, deep learning, and a whole new world of opportunities for your company.

Learn more details about our STEP USA Program by visiting the following website:

Why should you participate in STEP Program?

  • Experience one of the most exciting startup ecosystems in the world and generate new ideas for your company
  • Visit accelerators and incubators and talk to experienced German and US founders about best practices for expanding into the US.
  • Pitch your business idea at the STEP USA Pitch Night and receive valuable feedback from angel and venture capital investors.
  • Expand your corporate network by establishing initial relationships with potential business partners, investors, mentors and other founders.

Who should join the STEP Program?

Startups and Entrepreneurs...

  • who want to experience the technology and startup ecosystem in the US and are interested in US expansion,
  • who are tirelessly on the lookout for further business opportunities and are open to new ideas and inspiration,
  • who have a scalable business model and good business development in Germany.
  • who would like to learn more about intercultural differences, legal implications and financing options in the USA.

What does a typical STEP week look like?

STEP USA is a 4-day strategy bootcamp (Monday through Thursday) consisting of seminars, presentations, workshops, events and networking opportunities.

The journey usually begins with lectures covering topics such as intercultural differences between Germany and the USA as well as legal frameworks in the USA. Participants get a first-hand look into the US business world and learn what it takes to achieve successful market entry.

In the interactive workshops, our partners carry out practical mentoring about storytelling, venture capital funding, approaching investors and building networks. Through matchmaking, the startups get to know mentors who have extensive knowledge in their respective fields and can give the startup founders practical advice on expansion plans in the USA. In addition, the participants work on their pitch decks as part of these workshops and adjust their pitches with the help of valuable feedback.

Other program items include company visits, visits to accelerators and incubators, as well as meetings with former STEP USA graduates and other German startups that are already enjoying great success in the USA. We focus on providing the delegation with a deep dive into the tech and startup ecosystem in the US and why New York City, which is considered one of the most important places in the world for young entrepreneurs and startups.

Each trip culminates with a STEP USA Pitch Night, where the startups present their company on a stage in front of an international audience. This not only gives you the opportunity to receive feedback from an investor jury panel, but also provides you with valuable connections to potential business partners, investors and other founders and thus expand your network.

A joint feedback round concludes the program. This enables us to continuously improve the quality of our STEP USA program and tailor it to the needs of the participants.

The STEP USA program is a great opportunity to understand the ecosystem and the U.S. environment from a business perspective. It offers great opportunities to make new contacts and build sustainable business relationships in the USA. I can recommend this program to anyone who wants to enter the U.S. market.
Benjamin Zaczek SalesViewer庐, STEP 鈥19 Alumnus