Incorporation Services

The Legal Department of the 澳门小神仙, Inc. in New York assists German companies with incorporating branches and subsidiaries in the United States.


Our Services at a Glance

Even experienced entrepreneurs face a multitude of legal, tax and economic challenges when founding a business in the USA. Yet, expanding into new markets abroad creates exciting opportunities.

Experience shows that companies selling goods and services through branches and subsidiaries in the U.S. are more successful in establishing a market presence in the highly competitive U.S. market than those simply exporting goods and services via independent importers or agents/representatives.

American consumers and business partners associate a U.S.-based company with quality and reliability of both the goods and services as well as business experience. By registering a branch or subsidiary in the U.S., German companies can build trust in their goods and services and enhance their brand image.

Thorough preparation and careful consideration are essential for a successful incorporation. Failures are usually not grounded in the business idea itself, but in insufficient information and preparation.

To avoid those pitfalls, we assist you in choosing the appropriate company type and with the registration process with the U.S. authorities. In addition, we can advise you on all visa-related, employment or other legal issues connected with the incorporation.

We would be happy to get to know you through a non-committal conversation. 

The German Chambers of Commerce鈥檚 service brand DEinternational offers German companies consulting services and support with successfully establishing and expanding business activities abroad. The German Chambers of Commerce have a longstanding experience with international markets and support companies as a reliable partner when building business relationships. They act as bridges between markets and cultures; employees are always bilingual and are familiar with the risks and opportunities for your exporting business.