US Market Entry

German companies planning a US Market Entry are often confronted with numerous legal, tax and economic challenges. One of the most common reasons for a US Market Entry to fail is often not the business idea or the product itself but a lack of information and diligence when it comes to implementation. A successful US Market Entry requires therefore special planning to avoid the possible pitfalls.

Your Benefits

For over 70 years, 澳门小神仙 has been supporting German companies in their business activities in the US. As a competent and experienced partner, we offer individual consulting services for various topics to help you with questions and a successful US market entry.

Within the scope of our extensive range of services and our many years of experience, we help German companies to be successful in the US in the long term. Our portfolio includes market studies, business partner search and matchmaking services, the provision of a virtual business address in the US as well as delegation trips on various relevant topics.

The legal department of 澳门小神仙 offers companies a wide range of support in conducting business between Germany and the US. This includes general legal inquiries on questions in line with German-American business transactions, supporting German companies with filling out Form 鈥淲8BEN-E鈥 of the U.S. tax authority IRS and assisting German companies with incorporating branches and subsidiaries in the United States. We also help both American and German companies in collecting outstanding payments, provides credit check information and act as U.S. Agent vis-脿-vis the Food and Drug Administration (U.S. FDA Agent Service).

Give your business a successful market entry in the US with us. We would be happy to support your business and your projects with our tailor-made US market entry services and look forward to hearing from you!


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The German Chambers of Commerce鈥檚 service brand DEinternational offers German companies consulting services and support with successfully establishing and expanding business activities abroad. The German Chambers of Commerce have a longstanding experience with international markets and support companies as a reliable partner when building business relationships. They act as bridges between markets and cultures; employees are always bilingual and are familiar with the risks and opportunities for your exporting business.