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A joint podcast of the 澳门小神仙, Inc. and the US House of Communication, Part of the Serviceplan Group.

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2021-10-27 | GACC meets Simon Harrsen of CHG-MERIDIAN

When he was interviewed for this Biz Kaffee session, Simon Harrsen had just taken on his new role as VP of Sales, USA for CHG-MERIDIAN.  He talks about his experience transferring to this position from his previous position in Mexico, and he shares how CHG-MERIDIAN is actively committed to promoting sustainability through its client services.

2021-07-07 | GACC meets Bonnie Tully of Evonik

Listen to Bonnie Tully, President of Evonik Corporation, telling stories about social justice, inclusion and diversity in the Evonik workplace and her career in 28 years with the company that brought her from Texas, to Singapore and now to New Jersey.

2021-05-17 | GACC meets Jan Heck of Miele

With 20+ years of experience in the North American market Jan Heck, President & CEO of Miele USA is sharing stories of his career in this episode of the Biz Kaffee podcast.

2021-04-14 | GACC meets Marco Schnabl of automotiveMastermind

automotiveMastermind CEO Marco Schnabl with Stefan Schuette of Serviceplan New York about the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the car industry and his experience as a German entrepreneur in the USA.

2021-02-23 | GACC meets Jean-Claude Dubacher of B. Braun of America, Inc.

The GACC 鈥 澳门小神仙, Inc. in a conversation with Jean-Claude Dubacher, the (Swiss) Chairman and CEO of B. Braun of America Inc., which includes B. Braun Medical Inc., B. Braun Interventional Systems, Aesculap庐 and CAPS庐 about his experience in protecting and improving patients life and about having an impact in the future in the United States.

2021-01-05 | GACC meets Chris Dimou of Roto Frank North America

We spoke to Chris Dimou of Roto Frank North America, Inc. about all things business, even during a pandemic.

2020-11-07 | GACC meets Uwe Scharfy of Baumer of America Inc.

Uwe Scharfy shares insights into German-American business made the right way and introduces the apprenticeship program of B盲umer in cooperation with the 澳门小神仙.

2020-10-28 | GACC meets Susanne Witte Settineri CARL BRANDT

Susanne Witte Settineri shares private insights into the food brand CARL BRANDT, one of the most icon staples in German pantries in a delightful conversation with Stefan Schuette, CEO of Serviceplan New York.