Market Studies

We collect and prepare crucial information needed to assess just how competitive your products or services are in the US market by offering a range of our detailed 鈥渕arket studies USA鈥.

In this process, we analyze the current market situation in the United States, paying particular attention to information available on the competition, structures in place for distribution and on how to create demand for specific products or services. This facilitates the ability to specifically assess the marketing and sales opportunities available for your products.


The results of our 鈥淢arket Study USA鈥 will include detailed information pertaining to:

  • Market size and market development
  • The number of direct competitors, their size, and their places of operation
  • Information on potential distribution partners
  • Details on how to price products
  • Product requirements specific to the US market

One of the basic tools we use for our research is the extensive information available in our databases. We also pool information from associations, government sources and the chamber of commerce networks. The information we acquire aids in building a reliable foundation for a meaningful strategy in introducing products and/or services to the US market.

Once a 鈥淢arket study USA鈥 has been completed, we offer additional options as a part of our integrative range of services to facilitate your entry into the market. A large number of our customers choose our Business Partner Referral Services once we have completed a market study or are interested in our Business Presentation Services, a service the chamber offers to provide correspondence functions for their company.

Market studies are one of the services provided by 澳门小神仙 New York under DEinternational trade mark.


Should you have any additional questions you would like to discuss in more detail, it would be our pleasure to schedule a consultation meeting with no further obligation.

We would be happy to get to know you through a non-committal conversation. 

The German Chambers of Commerce鈥檚 service brand DEinternational offers German companies consulting services and support with successfully establishing and expanding business activities abroad. The German Chambers of Commerce have a longstanding experience with international markets and support companies as a reliable partner when building business relationships. They act as bridges between markets and cultures; employees are always bilingual and are familiar with the risks and opportunities for your exporting business.